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Musicians On Music : Arcana III

  • Livre
  • Jazz / Improvisation
  • 2024
  • Tzadik
  • Réf. TZ B003
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JOHN ZORN, Musicians On Music : Arcana III
The writings in the continuing Arcana series provide direct connections to the inner sanctums of some of the most extraordinary musical thinkers of our time. Technical, philosophical and mystical in nature, these essays reach out to the listener to illuminate the creative processes and hidden stratagem of a music (and a community) largely misjudged and unappreciated by mainstream culture. Arcana provides welcome tools for digging into the underground and can lead the creative mind toward an exciting world of possibilities for artists, musicians, musical theorists and curious listeners alike.
— from the preface

The Arcana series will come to be viewed as the most vital source of relevant information on creative music in the transitional opening of the third millennium. In a time period where mundane reading sources permeate the publishing world, this body of writings provide welcome intellectual nourishment for serious engagement and learning about creative thinking.
—Anthony Braxton

This diverse group of contributors, living and writing in a deeply aware 21st century provides insights into the way musicians view their work and each other. One senses that there is an unlimited way “to do it” and that musicians, who can delight with their magic spells, can speak with welcome clarity about how they attempt to get to that mysterious place. These writers point to their sources, their concerns, and at times their love and admiration for one another with original thought. What you get with Arcana III is a sense that there are no boundaries—the closing piece raised me right up out of my chair with a resounding “yes.”
—Terry Riley

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